Feast Without Fuss


Buffet Menu

(S) refers to seasonal options


Meat & Fish

Home baked ham

Rare roast beef with horseradish cream

Spicy chicken wings
Devilled chicken drumsticks

Coronation chicken with apricots

Mini fishcakes
Beef & fennel koftas & chilli dip

Devilled chicken drumsticks

Antipasto platter
Crab cakes & sweet chilli dip

Chicken satay and peanut dipping sauce
Mustard & honey glazed sausages


Tarts / Quiches / Pies / Frittata

All these flavours work with the above

Smoked bacon & leek

Sausage & egg
Chorizo, potato & onion

Chicken & mushroom

Salmon, masarpone & dill
Smoked salmon & asparagus

Vegetarian Buffet Menu


Tarts / Quiches / Pies / Frittata

All these flavour combinations work for the above
Caramelised onion & goats cheese

Spinach feta & mint

Roast vegetable & mozzarella
Roasted roots with Indian spices & feta

Roast tomato & ricotta
Cauliflower cheese

Roast squash, blue cheese & walnut

Asparagus, cheese & cream (S)
Potato, rosemary & blue cheese

Mixed wild mushroom

Beetroot & goats cheese (S)
Summer vegetables & goats cheese or parmesan (S)


Chilled soups


Pea & mint

Selection of fresh breads & butter