Feast Without Fuss

About Feast


I'm Lucie, although I'm not professionally trained I've been in and out of kitchens since I was knee high learning from my Mum's wisdom in a bit of this and a pinch of that kind of way. I'm inspired by the wealth of great produce on my doorstep, local farmers who care about their animals and the meat or milk they produce, happy chickens and artisan producers who take great pride in the food they produce. I love nothing better than a good forage and using fresh seasonal ingredients.


What I do is cook with flavour, love, respect and flair not fuss and faff! From scratch, to order just for you.


So whether you're having a big 'I do' or a small 'I do', having a birthday party or a dinner party, letting your hair down or having a knees up, meeting with big wigs, dainty canapes, hip hip hoorays, we can put together ideas that will make your mouth water.


We can provide extra staffing, crockery, glassware & linen hire and lots of creative ideas to get the look and feel you want to make your event just so.